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                  800KV DC Glass with RTV 2016


Company Name Project Location Voltage Year
State Grid Corp of China
China,  5 x 1000KV  Projects in China, total of 500K pcs of 300KN,420KN, 550kN  per IEC/GB
1000 KV AC
2013 -2018
State Grid of China
China, +-1100KV   UHVDC   , total of 400K  pcs of  550KN, 840kN  per IEC/GB
+-1100KV DC
State Grid Corp of China China, 8 x +-800KV  UHVDC  total of  1.5 Millions pcs of  420KN, 550kN, 830kN  per IEC/GB
Altalink Alberta, Canada   per CSA
+-500kV HVDC 2013
Xcel Energy Texas, USA   per ANSI/IEEE
345kV AC 2013
IE Madeira Brazil   per IEC
600kV HVDC 2012
Power Grid India 765kV AC 2011
National Power Grid China 800kV HVDC 2011
Jiangsu Provincial Power China 500kV AC 2010