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The Worlds Strongest and Most Reliable Toughened Glass Insulators

M&E Strength from 15,000 Lbs. (70 kN) to 215,000 Lbs (960 kN)image

Nanjing Electric Group Co., LTD, a BPG Group company,  was founded in 1936 under its former name of Nanjing Electro-Ceramic Factory. It is the largest, first class, manufacturer in the world for producing insulators and bushings products.

Located in Nanjing City, Nanjing Electric is a high-technology manufacturer with quality management certified in conformity with ISO9001: 2008. The manufacturing scale, technology, advanced equipment, product offering, quality management, as well as company profits, are in an advanced position in this field in China. The trademark LD meaning “Thunder-Lightning” on the products registered in 1937 is famous in this country.

The company covers an area of 390,000 square meters with a production area of 170,000 square meters. The campus consists of six professional systems and one joint venture. Nanjing Electric is the largest producer of toughened glass insulators in China. With about 1400 employees, over 600 are engineers, and 5 are senior industry experts who receive special allowance from the State Council Government,

The company now manufacturers 10 product categories consisting of thousands of varieties including 15,000 lbs (70kN) to 215,000 lbs (960kN) HVAC and HVDC toughened glass insulators. Other products include 20~1000kV capacitor bushings, 110~220kV HV transformers, 15~220kV HV disconnections and HV porcelain insulators, large scale bushing insulators, and spark plugs. In addition to supplying the domestic electric power construction, railway electrification and subway industries, Nanjing Electric supplies quality products to more than 50 countries across the world. Toughened glass insulators, with technology acquired from foreign expertise and relying on our own intellectual property rights of production, has achieved the current international products premium standard. As a result of Nanjing Electric’s technological innovation of new products, these toughened glass insulators have been used in over 300 foreign and domestic ultrahigh voltage transmission lines (up to 1000kV AC and 1100kV HVDC). At present, the production capacity of toughened glass insulators is over 12 million units per year with 5 automatic production lines.