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Nanjing Electric Successful on 800kV DC Transmission Line

October 14th, 2011

After it’s development of China’s first 550kN AC and DC toughened glass insulators in 2008, Nanjing Electric has successfully completed delivery of over 130,000 units of 550kN DC glass insulators for the construction of the Jinping-Southern Jiangsu 800kV DC transmission line. The new transmission line, traveling 1,916 km, will provide necessary energy from the West to meet the growing demand for electricity in East China.

Nanjing Electric’s 550 kN HVDC Toughened Glass Insulator

General Manager Mr. Shen Qirong said, Nanjing Electric will go to all lengths, elaborate organization, set the power of the whole company’s timely completion of quality and quantity of delivery missions, to the leadership of the company and to the company's promise, to contribute to the construction of key projects, and to win greater market share.

Nanjing Electric has more than 50 years history of production and operation experience of toughened glass insulators. Through the introduction and absorption of technology and continuous innovation, the company’s development and production of glass insulators has become the master of one of the world 's leading core technologies. The company has independent intellectual property rights of all products, and the infrastructure for global maximum toughened glass insulator production. Nanjing’s glass insulator manufacturing levels and international competitiveness have significantly improved and exportation of goods is now expanded to sixty countries and regions in the world.