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Nanjing Electric Introduces Worlds Highest Strength Suspension Insulator

October 11th, 2012

In order to meet China’s growing demand for UHV DC transmission construction project needs, Nanjing Electric has developed the world highest strength suspension insulator. The 830kN (83 tons) mechanical and electrical strength toughened glass insulator surpasses Nanjing’s 760kN insulator developed in 2010. The research and development of 830kN was extremely difficult so the company had to invest considerable resources into the product design, formulation and processing equipment to pass the national technical appraisal.

Item Description Value
Catalog Number LXZY-830
Mechanical and Electrical Maximum Strength (kN) 830
Dimension H mm 270
Dimension D mm 400
Creepage Distance mm 720
IEC Coupling 60120 36
Lightning impulse withstand voltage, 5 unit string (kV) 760
DC Withstand Voltage Dry/Wet (kV)
DC Puncture Withstand Voltage in SF6 (kV) 255
Steep-front wave impulse withstand voltage (kV) (2.8~3.08)p.u.
DC Corona extinction voltage (kV) 50
RIV U=10kV f=1MHz RIV≤50μV
Cement autoclave expansion rate <0.10%

Nanjing Electric’s 830kN M&E toughened glass insulator
Nanjing Electric, with over 50 years experience manufacturing glass insulators, is the birthplace of toughened glass insulators in China. As a world leader in glass insulator technology, Nanjing Electric is committed to further advancement of the design, manufacturing and testing of the highest quality glass insulators in the world.